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About us|      Culture. People. Natural environment.  The potential for connectivity between culture, people, and the natural environment can be realized through interventions which are considered and particular. This fundamental principle continues to challenge and inspire, as we navigate and critique the myriad conditions, critical to formulating a responsive architectural strategy.

Located on the island of St.Lucia, JNPA is a design-oriented architectural practice with one of its main focus being Caribbean Architecture. Since our inception, we have successfully provided a wide range of architectural services to both the public and private sector, and concurrently developed strong relationships with industry experts to assist in delivering the best possible solutions. Our strategic use of technology has allowed us to bridge physical distance through effective communication, and, our openness to exploring and embracing best practice, creates an environment which facilitates the cultivation of a truly collaborative effort. 


Philosophy|      The balance between the built and natural environment within a context of technology and historical reference is one which continuously challenges. We strive to design places that are adapted to the local conditions and integrated with their settings. Our response is an architecture which embodies a narrative and expression sensitive to its time and space.

We treat each commission small or large, as a unique opportunity to engage and enhance the physical realm, therefore every project is subject to our exacting process. Our commitment to the delivery of high-quality interventions is founded on innovative design solutions and excellent value through careful control of cost and programme.

In ensuring client satisfaction, we set out to clearly define project objectives and requirements. We pay careful attention to the sites cultural and historical makeup. Time is spent with our clients and consultants to identify opportunities. This allows us to pursue the necessary investigative design possibilities towards arriving at an optimum design proposal; a clear delivery of concept; and ultimately, a product to be enjoyed by the end-user.


Our team|      Our core team is made up of an experienced RIBA trained Chartered Architect, Graduate Architects, and skilled Architectural Technicians. We pride ourselves on giving individual attention required of each project and providing leadership in ensuring project vision is achieved.